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Iphone 5s Wifi affecting entire network (not the standard wifi issues you've been reading about)


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Aug 2, 2015
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Hello all,
Im having a very strange issue where any time i connect my iphone 5s to my home wifi network, after about 2min, the Internet for every device on the network, wired and wireless, wont be able to connect (pcs, phones, tablets, streaming devices, etc.). As soon as i disconnect my iphone from wifi, every other device can connect perfectly fine. I've tried going into my router settings, disconnecting every other device to rule out interference/ip conflicts, restarting the iphone, resetting iphones network settings, and restoring the iphone to a backup before the issue started to occur. Nothing has worked yet, so i cannot have my iphone connected to my home wifi network. I can however connect my iphone to any other network just fine without it causing any issues to any other devices/networks.

Iphone > home wifi network = entire network is down
Iphone > public wifi/work wifi/friend's wifi/any other network = perfectly ok

If anyone has any ideas on whats going on and/or how to fix it, i would greatly appreciate it.