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Can some one with the Appl Universal Dock please help me? (Cydia Activator question)


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Dec 31, 2013
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I want to buy the universal dock with the hope that it in combination with activator will allow me to launch my iPhone 4s directly into XBMC. So I am hoping some one here has the Apple Universal Dock with IR support. If you do, can you please try this.

- Can you grab activator if you don't already have it.
- Set the volume up to launch any app of your choice.
- Make sure the iPhone is asleep and docked
- Use the IR remote and click the volume up button on the IR Remote.
- When you click volume up on the IR Remote, does your iPhone wake and launch to the app you assigned with Activator?

What I am trying to see is if Activator needs actual physical gestures, or if a command occurs such as volume up from a remote, I can make events occur.

If this is not possible, is there any cydia app that makes this possible?

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