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can i upgrade my modem firmware but still keep ios 4.1 o the ios 4.1 jb?


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Aug 28, 2010
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i have a factory unlocked iphone and the firmware modem is 2.10. something and i am on 4.1 jailbroke, can i upgrade the modem firmware?
You can upgrade to 4.2.1 then back down to 4.1 and you will still have the 4.2.1 baseband.

Can I ask why you would need/want to do that...?
if your phone is factory unlocked,you do not want to upgrade the modem firmware/baseband...you may lose you unlock
You will need to ask them. Factory unlocked mean it will work with any sim in the world no matter what upgrade apple comes out with. That's why they are more expensive. Also factory unlocked phones are only available for sale in certain country's. You can't get them in the USA but you can here in the UK...
Gaz is right!

Btw gaz can you if you have time make me that slide unlock that says rehman please?
Oh yeah, forgot you asked for that again. Sorry.

Here you go Rehman

Why do you want to update your baseband anyway...?
well i just had a stupid idea that whenever you upgrade basband your wif i would get better and 3g because of the 'modem' firmware, but it was stupid lol

thanx gaz for that rehman thing
gaz that one has not worked?

the other rehman one worked this o0ne has not?
It's the same one. I think. Lol. I'll send you it again when I'm next on the laptop if I don't forget this time... ;)