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Calendar Issues


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Nov 2, 2010
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Sydney, Australia
Hey All,

I just wanted to find out about the Calendar issues...

Weeks ago I was looking on the forums and heaps of people were having the same issues...

Calendar enteries dont go off when the are meant to and can go off a day later and not at the set time, or they dont go off at all.

This was apparently meant to be fixed with the next update (that now happened weeks ago) yet I still cant get the calendar entries to work.

Am I doing something wrong or did this not get fixed in the last update???

I didn't have a problem with mines on 4.1 and still don't on 4.2.1. Are you creating the events on your phone or are you syncing them from your computer...?
lol I dont have any calendars on my comp with events in them and I wouldnt know how to sync then even if I did HAHAHA

Na I create a new event in the calendar on my phone and yeah it kinda dont go off when it is meant to or dont even go off at all.

So I guess you cant help me then :)
Sorry no. I only create them on my phone and they work perfectly. The notifiy me the day before or a couple hours before depending on what I set it to.

The only thing I can suggest is a restore in iTunes...
I tried Backing up my phone and restoring it but that didnt work either... so I dont know what else to do HAHA
Do a restore and set up as new phone. You will loose all settings and adjustments you've made but you can easily sync back all your apps, music etc. Or you could always call apple...?
I used to be able to sync my calendar with my Yahoo! Calendar. Now, iTunes says it cannot find any calendar on my computer. So, I am now stuck with just the calendar on the iphone4. I think this happened after the new year. Just like the alarm clock which did not work after the new year.

It is now 4:00pm and tried to sync iphone4 to iTunes. Checked my calendar in Yahoo! Calendar. It did sync ok. But last night it did not, not even after I reboot my pc.

Read an article in 9to5Mac that the alarm clock problem (not functioning on 1/1/2011) will self correct by Jan 03, 2011. Just checked the alrm, and it did work today, while it did not work last night. Mybe my calendar problem was self correcting as well.
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Well after playing with my phone some more I think I have my calendar alrets working and going off at the correct time now :)

What was the problem well....

Under Settings - General - Date & Time I had it to Set Automatically but my time Zone was set to Sydney however.... under Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars the Calendars Time Zone Support was set Cupertio USA

I fixed that up and changed it to Sydney... My Alerts still were not going off at the correct time so I thought ok what can be the problem now..

I then went back into Settings - General - Date & Time and turned the Set Automatically OFF.

Once I had changed this my Calendar alerts were going off at the correct time for the first time since I got my iPhone 4 almost 3 months ago.

So there still is issues with the iPhone 4 Calendar and I assume this is due to the whole daylight savings thing but im happy my calendar is finally working :)

THANK YOU to everyone who tried to help