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Cable causes acoustic beep, seems to short


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Apr 8, 2014
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Neu-Isenburg, Germany
When I plug my iPhone 5 cable into the iPhone and into a computer or wall plug (via adapter) for loading, if I move the iPhone a bit I begin to get beep sounds from the phone and from the computer, as if there were a defective connection or broken cable. I can't seem to locate where the wiggly contact is; I can move and twist everything but the beep only occurs when it wants to. Sometimes the connection is broken, and I think I'm loading when actually the iPhone is just laying there connected to the PC or wall current, but not loading. It doesn't seem to be the adapter, since I have the same problem when the iPhone is connected to the USB port on my PC with no adapter. I've had the same problem with an iPhone 4 previously, and with previous cables, and when I replaced the cable all was well for a few days and then the problem returned.

Has anyone found a solution? Hoping for help ...

All the best,