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Buying used IPhone 5s: Need help regarding Block/Unblock

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May 17, 2015
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Hello guys...
I am buying an old iPhone 5s from my friend who bought from someone
When I searched for his imei in various websites which check it for free I found that it is brought in UK and locked on o2 and is blacklisted in UK but when I checked for Canada and USA it told me as clean.
So I want to know is there any risk in buying it.
I plan to use it with a turbo/gavey sim
So please tell if there will be any issue after using it for while..
The phone is blacklisted in UK and I live in India
If you need imei then tell meme
I mean will blacklisting of iPhone in Europe cause any issue here to me in India,Asia while using a turbo /gavey sim

Please help :)
Why not just go or call your local store and ask them to check the imei? The websites aren't always 100% correct or up to date.


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Is there any future possibility of it getting blacklisted in India if I use it?
You do realize, don't you, that the reason the iPhone was blacklisted in the first place is that it was reported as lost or stolen by the original owner. Your friend should not have bought the iPhone and should certainly not be trying to sell it to you.

It is not the purpose of this forum to give advice on using an iPhone that is not your legitimate property.
Our advice is to tell your friend to turn the phone in to the proper authorities and instead buy a legitimately acquired device.

With that, this thread is now closed.
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