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Bought an iphone 3GS 16GB and cannot get it out of recovery mode.


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Jan 26, 2012
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Spent probably 5 hours on this now. The phone is stuck in recovery mode. THERE IS NO SLIDER BAR. No matter what tool I've used to get it out of recovery mode it, it winds up back in recovery mode state WITH NO SLIDER BAR.

I recently downloaded Sn0wbreeze. All was looking promising and had the snowflake and progress bar. Once the progress bar was full, it said "verifying install with Apple" and then simply returned to the message that the phone was being restored. The "connect to Itunes message" then popped up on the phone and the dreaded "itunes has detected an iphone in recovery mode" started all over again.

I've literally tried everything...tinyumbrella, ireb, all the tools that fix the host file (was getting error 11, 1600 and 3xxx over and over).

I've tried restoring to every possible firmware.

I've tried in every mode possible.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Iphone 3Gs 16Gig, new bootrom. Have no idea about any other info because I cannot get the phone out of recovery mode.