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Best iPhone 4 Flashlight App EVER MakLight


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgE5_vVuV9U]YouTube - Best iPhone 4 Flashlight App EVER MakLight - iOS Vlog 237[/ame]​

As one of my favorite feature of the iPhone 4, the LED flash on the back really need its own button to function as a light. Normally, if you do not have any other flashlight apps you use, you would have to go into the Camera app, slide to video mode, switch to flash, and then it is on. Well, this changes that in a really nice and smooth way. Although there are many app in the App Store and Cydia that do this, this one just feel like it does right.

It has an easy to find icon that will make it look like it is just a native feature on your device and a great working light. While opening the app you do not have to wait for the camera shutter or any garbage like that. The app runs almost instantly so you can turn your light on and do what you need to. You can also keep on clicking the giant button on your screen to have a bit of strobe light.

To me, having a strobe light or other features is just pointless. If you want to have a clean and fast flashlight app this is the one for you since it is free as well. If you want an even faster way, download Switcher Plus in Cydia and you can set it so your flash turns on in three home button taps.

You can find MakLight in the Cydia Store for free.

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