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Best Clock Radio Alarm and Weather from Beautiful Clock Radio!


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Oct 15, 2013
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The second version of our much loved Beautiful Clock Radio but with a modern look and now 9 programable radio buttons (8 on the iPad) to store your favorite Radio Stations, Music playlist, Library Playlists or Soothing Sound.

See our website for demo videos and support link!

Now with Radio stations in UK, Dutch, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, SKY.fm, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine.

Beautiful Clock Radio is stable and reliable. It has a revolutionary interface that is copyrighted and very easy to use.

Select from regular 12 hour time or use 24 hour military time.

$screen568x568.jpg $screen568x568-1.jpg $screen568x568-2.jpg

5 Alarms allow you to program 5 different alarm times and sounds, With this feature you can trigger the radio to turn on when your favorite show starts.

Radio, touch and hold a radio button to program it to your favorite Playlist, Soothing sound, or internet streaming radio station. There are over 40,000 stations available, or you add your own URL. It takes mere seconds to program a button and you can continue to listen to your music in the background when the app is closed.

The weather shows the current weather forecast, swipe to the left and you get a 6 day forecast Swipe again to go to the weather underground web site. Swipe to the right and turn the weather display off.

Best Clock Radio features:
• One touch Radio!
• Auto Sleep
• Very easy to use, stable and reliable
• Easy alarm setting and programming
• Wake up to Radio, Music or one of the 32 included Alarm sounds
• Auto sleep button ensures the music turns itself off after a set period of time
• Select from 12 hour and 24 hour mode
• 9 easily programmable buttons for internet streaming radio station (iPhone), (8 programmable buttons iPad)
• Thousands of Shoutcast, U.S. and World Radio stations.
• URL option Allows you to program a streaming radio URL to a button

For more information please visit App Store
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