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Backing up to icloud?


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Oct 6, 2012
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So I'm just doing my first must belated backup to icloud. I do have a ton of pic and vids so I upgraded to 200 in icloud to have way more than enough space. So I started the manual backup just 12 hours ago and not done yet. In fact I'm wondering if its stuck or something. The little dotted circle is rotating but the estimated time left has never showed and the graph bar at the bottom shows no increase, just a small start on the bar and it hasn't moved in 12 hrs. Is it stuck. Should I just cncel the backup and leave it locked and on wifi and let it try it on its own overnight.

Beginning to wonder if I should just back it up to iTunes and hope that works ok. Not too sharp on icloud so would apprec any info or tip as I need to get it done as phone has a charging issue and Verizon sent me a new one so had to transfer it all over and send this one back. Thanks
That happens to me now and then. I just cancel the backup and try again. However, leaving the phone locked and on wifi, it will back up as needed on its own.
iTunes backups are actually downloaded and stored on your computer so restoring from an iTunes backup is normally quite a bit faster as you don't have to wait for everything to download from the cloud as in an iCloud backup.