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Auto3G for non-Jailbroken users


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Aug 16, 2010
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i think it really works in saving battery.. i know this app (Auto3G) works for jailbreaked iphones, but is there any for non-jailbroken iphones? in the app store?
Good question, I'd gladly pay for it but have found none. Maybe it can't be done without jailbreaking due to API restrictions?
Apple ought to have a simple app made for this and included in the iOS 4.1 update. This ought to be a standard option!
it should be a natural option... i dont understand why we need to jailbreak it for this.. its so simple and can gain confidence for people who are iffy on the iphone because of battery life
It seems it's not flawless though. I'm not able to post links, but here's a crippled one:
modmyi.com / forums / file-mods / 726981-auto3g.html