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Auto join in Wifi setting menu


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Aug 4, 2011
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Hi I have a problem with my iPod touch auto connecting to the wrong Wifi network when I am at home.
My provider is BT and when I am out and about I can use the BTFON hot spots however when I am at home I want to connect to my own router and not the BTFON hot spot, however my iPod auto connects to BTFON and I keep on having to go in to the setting menu and manually set it to my own router.
In the setting wifi menu in the screen for the relevant network. Below " forget this network" there is some times two buttons " auto connect" &" auto login". I need to switch these button to off on the BTFON network page, however some times these buttons are there and some some times they are not.
Could some explain why this is and how I can get these buttons to appear so I can cure my problem. Thanks