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AT&T Warns Users About Unauthorised Tethering


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Jun 18, 2010
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Engadget reports today that AT&T has started sending out texts and emails to customers who are using apps such as MyWi to get unauthorised tethering on their jailbroken iPhones. The emails and texts are a gentle reminder that you need to either sign up and pay for their tethering, or just stop tethering. In the letter, AT&T gives details of its tethering plans, saying that you can either choose to sign up to a plan of your own accord, or, if you continue to use unauthorised tethering and don’t sign up voluntarily for a plan, from March 27 onwards they will automatically sign you up to their DataPro 4GB plan (which costs $45 per month). And if you’re wondering how AT&T knows that you’re using tethering and not paying for it, Engadget says this remains a mystery at present, and they also report that it seems that only iPhone users are being detected currently as they’ve not heard from any Android users receiving the letters or texts from AT&T.

Source: AT&T tells customers using unauthorized tethering methods to pay up or stop (update) -- Engadget

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