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Astral Wars: Role-playing game (RPG) Promo Codes


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Nov 10, 2011
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Please check out the newly launched Astral Wars version 1.2.

Astral Wars is a unique take on a multilevel wizard dueling game, offering both single and multiplayer modes for magic duels. After an initial training period, you can either work your way through dueling school or cast out into the Astral plane to fight your way through goblins, orcs, mummies, harpies, and a host of other bad guys with spells such as Lightning Bolt, Mana Flux, and Meteor Shower. With four “grades” to progress through and an infinite variety of enemies on the Astral plane, Astral Wars promises challenging and adventurous fun.

Game video

Game Features
- Unique spell casting interface: you have to draw your spell on the phone screen.
- Avatar constructor: create your own unique appearance.
- Multiplayer game (Bluetooth, WiFi).
- Interactive tutorial.
- A lot of different spells, items, monsters, locations, quests and other features.

Additional features of paid version
- No advertisement
- More quests, locations and item types

Paid version link: App Store - Astral Wars

To win your copy of Astral Wars game, just:
1. Download and play Astral Wars FREE from iTunes App Store - Astral Wars Free
2. Write a short review for it on iTunes
3. Write a message here with your iTunes nickname

First two people will receive promo codes for paid version of Astral Wars!

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