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Are the Bad Piggies About to Turn the Tables on the Angry Birds?


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Jun 18, 2010
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iMore writes today that Rovio has just released an intriguing teaser video that seems to be hinting at a new game from the Angry Birds franchise. It’s clearly something big, or “Something PIG”, as Rovio says, because the company has created Twitter and Facebook sites for the new release as well. Rovio loves to tease the Angry Birds fans, so this new trailer gives very little away, but it’s clearly looking like the pigs are finally turning the tables on the birds! Watch and chuckle as a big green pig lands noisily on the head of an unsuspecting bird, with the naughty piggy laughing as usual at the bird, which gets angrier and angrier. The pig then whistles nonchalantly as more pigs land on the hapless bird’s head, a virtual pig-storm, in fact, until the poor bird is literally buried in smug green pigs! Wonder what it can be? Well we won’t have to wonder for long, hopefully, as it’s “coming soon!” according to Rovio.

Source: Angry Birds maker Rovio teases Something PIG | iMore.com
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