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Apple's Trade-In Program in China isn't doing so Hot


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
There's no other feeling like upgrading from an old iPhone to the latest model. However, paying upfront for a brand new iPhone could be expensive. This is why Apple started the trade-in program, where customers can trade in an old device and gain credit towards a new iPhone.

Yesterday Apple launched its trade-in program at all 18 Chinese Apple Store locations. This sounds great and all, however customers are complaining about the low amount of credit they receive for old devices. Apple is offering roughly $240 for an iPhone 5S, $80 for an iPhone 4S, and $40 for an iPhone 4. The company is also disregarding different storage sizes, so a 64GB device is the same price as a 16GB device.

Reports claim that some recycling shops in China are offering nearly double what Apple is. Some customers report receiving $463 for an iPhone 5S, instead of the aforementioned $240. It is unclear why Apple isn't matching prices of competitors, although the program is still coming to fruition.