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Apple's Streaming TV Might Make it Out in Time to Join the iPhone 7 Launch [Rumor]


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here's an interesting rumor regarding Apple's streaming Apple TV service. According to the intel, Apple could finalize many of their deals with TV content providers and Hollywood, in time for the launch if the iPhone 7. This rumor contradicts earlier rumors that Apple was struggling to make any headway on their Apple TV Streaming service contracts. Here's a quote with a few of the details,

Two people familiar with the matter told The Street that Apple is now working with TV producers and Hollywood studios in an effort to create TV shows for iTunes, but no agreements have been finalized. One plan is to have the deals in place so Apple can announce the exclusive content as part a cable-like offering in September when the iPhone 7 is unveiled, one person said.

Apple seems ready to follow in Netflix and Amazon’s footsteps, which also create their own original programming to lure in more subscribers. And it’s a recipe that has clearly been working.

What do you folks think? Can Apple really break through the wall created by the various TV companies, so they can create a compelling alternative to Netflix and Amazon?

Source: BGR

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