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Apple Will be Sole Outlet to Buy New 9-Pin Dock Connector Accessories


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today on a new story on iLounge that says that, initially at least, Apple will be the sole vendor providing the new adaptors and cables required to connect the iPhone 5’s new 9-pin dock connector with legacy accessories. According to iLounge, the new adaptor will cost approximately $10 (or three for $29), and USB cables will be priced at a steep $19. For the time being, this means that there will not be any third-party adaptors on the market. iLounge also said that third-party accessory manufacturers are now concerned that Apple intends to shut them out from this valuable market, just as it did with the MagSafe connectors for MacBooks. Furthermore, iLounge’s source told them that Apple expects to have sold 10 million adapters by the end of this year. The iPhone 5 will be the first Apple device to have the 9-pin dock connector, but it’s thought that other devices such as the iPad and iPod will follow suit when their next versions are released.

Source: Apple adapters for new 9-pin dock to cost $10, cables will be $19 - report

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