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iPhone 5 Said to Have 8-Pin Dock Connector and Better Bluetooth


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider has word today of new rumours about the next iPhone on iLounge, who write that the rumoured smaller dock connector on the next iPhone will have 8 pins, rather than the 19 pins that have previously been rumoured. It has long been stated by those in the know that Apple is about to ditch the standard 30-pin dock connector, and replace it with a smaller version on all of its devices, starting with the next iPhone. It is also thought that Apple will be providing an adapter with any and all of its forthcoming new devices that have the smaller connector. In the same article, iLounge also say that they have heard from a source that Apple is currently readying a previously unannounced feature for iOS 6, namely enhanced Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity between its devices, meaning that in the future, for example, an iPod nano would be able to display iMessages that had been received on an iPhone, and so on.

Source: Apple's next iPhone rumored with 8-pin dock connector, enhanced Bluetooth