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Apple Watch is the Company's Most Successful Initial Product Launch in History


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Jul 27, 2011
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It turns out that the Apple Watch is a much bigger success than anyone would have guessed. In fact, it will end up as Apple's most successful initial product launch in the history of the company. According to the gathered data, Apple received 7 million orders in total and shipped 2.5 million watches so far. Analytics suggest that Apple will likely deliver about 5 million Apple Watches by the end of the quarter, which is twice what was predicted by numerous market research firms.

Here are a few statistics to help put into perspective just what a blockbuster start the Apple Watch had:
  • The first iPod sale in 2001 started off with only 125,000 units in its first quarter
  • When the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple initially sold just 1.1 million units
  • In 2010, Apple launched the iPad whose initial sales reached 3.3 million during the first three months
Of course, there are numerous factors that give the Apple Watch a big advantage over those previous products' initial launches. Also, these numbers have not been been officially confirmed by Apple. Regardless, the Apple Watch is still a massive success regardless of how you try to spin it. Here's a quote with a few final details,

Apple, on the other hand, has been trying to temper investor expectations for the watch. It will relegate the Apple Watch to the "other" section of its quarterly earnings report, where sales figures will be combined with ones for the iPod and Apple TV.

However, if Apple Watch sales end up as high as expected, you can bet that Apple will say how many watches it has sold.

The Apple Watch is the company's first new consumer product in five years -- and its first since Steve Jobs died. Apple still relies heavily on a single product -- the iPhone -- for most of its revenue.

Sound off if you are a proud owner of an Apple Watch (or are at least thinking about it).

Source: CNN


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Dec 20, 2013
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I gotta get me one of these, or at lease WIN one in a contest or something. Maybe I can persued my Wife to buy me one.....SMILE

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