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Apple Watch Apparently Experiencing Less Than 30 Percent Defect-Free Rate


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Apple products like the iPhone and iPad have had their fair share of problems on the production line in the past. Product release dates have been pushed back, features have been removed, etc. It seems as though the Apple Watch is no stranger to these problems, and having some of its own overseas.

G for Games citing Taiwanese media reports that the Apple Watch is experiencing a less than 30 percent defect-free rate at Quanta Computer. This is obviously not any sort of good news since we don't want our devices non-functioning when we open the box.

Due to the struggle overseas, Apple's principle Apple Watch manufacturer Quanta, is apparently borrowing workers from Foxconn to improve to yield rate.

Quanta Computer began mass production on the Apple Watch back in January. Apple announced the release date for the Apple Watch earlier to week, so it would be odd for the company to release a defective product. Hopefully this report isn't true and the device will come off the line defect-free.

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