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Apple Watch Production Ramping Up Ahead of 2015


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Jun 15, 2010
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Since its announcement, the Apple Watch release date has been a bit of a mystery. Apple announced that the device would be available to purchase "early-2015", with a starting price of $349 for the aluminum model, and nothing else regarding specific dates. More recently, Apple's retail boss Angela Ahrendts told employees that the Apple Watch release date would be sometime in Spring 2015.

On Thursday, Digitimes reports that Apple suppliers are ready to ramp up Apple Watch production ahead of 2015. The Taiwanese trade publication's industry sources said that production of Apple's in-house "S1" system-on-a-chip is ready for production, meaning that the device has passed the engineering verification test stage.
"Orders for chips for the Apple Watch, set to debut in early 2015, are estimated at 30-40 million units, the sources indicated."
We still know very little about the release date, let alone the device itself. Press has only been allowed to spend time with the physical device, with only a short demo video playing on the display. The rumor mill claims that the Apple Watch will be released in time for Valentine's Day 2015, but that that date with a pinch of salt.
I would like to know some data related to watch production.
There is no hard data on Apple Watch production. All we have are rumours and speculation. The info in the first post in this thread is about as definite as we can expect until we're much closer to the official launch date, whenever that is.