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Apple TV 2015 Version Early Review Compilation


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Jul 27, 2011
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Early reviews of the next generation version of Apple TV have already started rolling out across the web. For the most part, the reviews say the device is solid but not stellar. According to many of the reviews, the most impressive features of the new Apple TV are the voice-activate Siri functions and the easy to navigate UI.

Here' a compilation of links to the current early reviews for the device:
Overall, the reviewers seem very pleased with the new Apple TV. It is apparently a big improvement over the last one, but it doesn't appear to be a huge game-changer just yet. We will have our own impressions for you after it goes on sale in late October. As a reminder, the 32GB model will cost $149, and the 64GB model will cost $199.
Sweet! Can't wait to get mine :)
Very cool, I'll be ordering one to replace my Amazon Fire TV.
I'm pretty stoked about it honestly. I love my apple TV and it's lasted forever. If this one didn't have a bunch of new features, I wouldn't feel like I needed a new one. :)
I'm gonna have to reserve judgement until I can see what the tvOS developers can do with it. Crossy Road just doesnt do it for me.
They removed the optical output! This is a negative for me as my system uses optical only,