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Apple Starts Leasing iPhones, Announces a New iPhone Upgrade Program


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Nov 27, 2012
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Apple has introduced a new program available in Apple Store in the U.S., called the iPhone Upgrade Program. Thus, Apple is offering a 24-month payment plan with an option to upgrade for a new iPhone every year, starting at $32 per month and including AppleCare+.

The iPhones are unlocked, meaning you can pick a carrier of your choices. There's no need to make any downpayment and there aren't any interests to pay. With this move, Apple is making sure that customers are going to buy directly from them.

Buying an unlocked iPhone directly from Apple is still cheaper by around $50 but the iPhone Upgrade Program ensures that you get the newest model every year and this means, you will receive two AppleCare+ subscription, as well. So, in the end, the iPhone Upgrade Program turns out to be less expensive than buying a new iPhone every year with AppleCare+ by $30.

Source: Apple
I wonder when the UK will get this?