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Apple Said to Redesign the U.S. Charging Adapter for 'iPhone 6'


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Nov 27, 2012
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The iPhone 6 launch could be as near as the beginning of next month, if recent rumors are anything to go by. A recent photo from Asia indicates that Apple may be planning to redesign the iPhone charging adapter. One of the most important reasons why Apple could do this is because the next-generation iPhone is expected to sport a larger battery that may include increased charging requirements. Here are some more details from Apple Insider:

The part depicted in the photograph, which appeared on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, bears the same physical design as Apple's current charging adapter in Australia. It is slightly wider than the current U.S. model, with notches on either side to allow a more solid grip when plugging and unplugging.

There is no word on why Apple would make such a move, though it is possible that the company plans to increase the charger's capacity above its current five watts. The so-called "iPhone 6" is rumored to ship with a battery some 46 percent larger than the battery in the iPhone 5s.

Also shown is a new Lightning charging cable with a reversible, USB Type-A plug at one end. A number of similar items have shown up in recent days — and the company has been seen expressing interest in reversible designs — though this design would not be compliant with official USB specifications.

So, if the iPhone 6 indeed comes with battery much larger than the battery in the iPhone 5s, the a redesigned charging adapter makes a lot of sense. What do you think? [/quote]

Source: AppleInsider
This is going to make a lot of people mad. I mean, I was pretty upset when I found out that I couldn't use my 4S USB cable on any of the newer generation stuff (5, 5S, 5C, new iPads, etc.). Now, on top of that, I'm going to have to replace my adapter as well? This sucks. I have so many of these guys lying around, its a shame none of them will be of use to me (except to charge my super old iPod touch). :confused:

Well... on to bigger and better things, I guess.