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This Credit Card-sized iPhone 6 Battery is Said to be the Thinnest and Fastest Hypercharger


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Nov 27, 2012
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The smartphones that are now available are awesome devices, but almost all of them have a big drawback - the battery. As we consume a lot of data, the battery gets quickly depleted, and sometimes it can take quite a while to be recharged completed. And that's when some of us resort to hyperchargers - devices that make charging faster.

LithiumCard Pro is one of those devices, but it claims to be the thinnest and fastest in the world. Here are its main features:

  • HyperCharging Gen2™ Circuitry: provides up to 3.0 Amps (or 15Watts) of industry leading power. Provides even more power than Apple’s 5-Watt iPhone and 12-Watt iPad wall chargers. Expect a typical 1% increase in battery life per minute for iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS applications. It is far superior in charging performance than the standard Apple iPhone wall charger. For example, when charging an iPhone 6 for 30 minutes, expect up to 30%, or more, increase in battery life.
  • HyperPort: Specifically designed for HyperCharging the Apple Watch. Additional USB type-A port allows consumers to share the HyperCharging™ power with friends.
  • Advanced Lithium Technology: 3000mAh battery – enough capacity to fully charge an Apple iPhone 6. Premium lithium chemistry assures ultra-high performance charging and longevity.
  • Simultaneous Bypass-Charging: When the LithiumCard’s™ internal battery reserves are drained, the simultaneous bypass charging circuitry allows charging of a device and LithiumCard™ at the same time.
  • Tri-Color LED Indicator: Nano-refractive lens technology displays, in real-time, the PROs internal battery capacity.
Source: KickStarter