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Apple’s new “Why iPhone” website reminds us why the iPhone is great


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Nov 27, 2012
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So far, Apple’s iPhone selling strategy consisted in pretty much ignoring the existence of its competitors. Unlike Samsung, for example, who openly mentioned Cupertino’s iconic devices in some of its campaigns. But Apple’s modus operandi has apparently shifted, as the company has recently released a “Why you’ll love an iPhone” website. The effort strikes us to be incredibly similar to the “Get a Mac” campaign that tried to lure Windows users to the ​​Mac camp.

Logging into the website, users will notice that Apple is still maintaining some of the policy it has made use of so far. The website states” there’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else.” basically annulling the competition from the start in a beautiful poetical sentence.

The website is not modest. It neatly takes and categorizes every single aspect that made the iPhone famous so far. For example, it clearly states that since it was first introduced, the iPhone has broken every sales record and has been awarded the title of “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones” by the J.D Power and Associates firm.

The presentation goes on to expand and gives details about the powerful battery the iPhone is gifted with, but also highlights ground breaking inventions like Siri – an epitome of recent artificial intelligence research.

What would a new user buying an iPhone also love? Well, the incredible beautiful Retina Display, the amazing camera and the App Store. The App Store is more like a gold mine, featuring countless of applications that will enrich and expand your life. So, are you ready to take in the iPhone experience?

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Mar 16, 2011
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On a Lake in Alabama
I love Apple. I really do, but they have to stop saying the Retina Display beats all. It was definitely true with the iPhone 4 and possibly 4S, but with the iPhone 5, there's definitely higher resolution screens coming out. Take the HTC DNA for example, it's a true FHD screen @ 440 PPI. Granted, its hard to tell much difference in a High resolution screen at these smaller sizes, but you can tell the DNA's screen is better if you've played with one.
Apple has a lot of nice things going for them... I just hope they keep the nice things and improve in certain areas before spending money blasting the competition...