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Apple Planning Dual Rear Camera for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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Patently Apple reports via 9to5 Mac that Apple has filed a patent application for dual rear iPhone cameras, giving credence to a rumour first published last November that said that Apple was testing an iPhone 7 prototype with dual rear cameras.

The patent applications has a revealing insight into what Apple is working on. First off, there’s optical zoom, obtained by fitting two camera modules behind a lens, thus creating a single lens with standard and telephoto sections. This would mean that you could zoom in for a shot without cropping out pixels.

Other advantages that Apple is working on include various ways to use both camera modules at the same time, such as having one shoot still photos and one shoot video. It is currently possible to do this, and has been the case since the release of the iPhone 5, but only with a lower resolution than normal.

The patent application details an example of how Apple’s iMovie software could be used to automatically blend video and still footage to capture footage of a child extinguishing birthday-cake candles in a whole new way.

The patent application is very technical, but keen photographers can peruse all the details in the link below.

Of course there’s no guarantee that any of this research will actually result in a dual rear camera iPhone, but it just got a lot more likely with the news of this application.

Source: Apple patent application reveals exciting possibilities for twin-camera system rumored for iPhone 7