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Apple Opens Up Third-Party Complications Support in watchOS 2


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
When the Apple Watch was released, most of us saw how limited the device was to developers. But at the same time, we knew that slowly but surely Apple would open up the device, allowing for more third-party features.

At WWDC 2015 this morning, Apple announced watchOS 2, coming this Fall. While the beta version is available to developers starting today, our favorite fruit company showed off third-party support for complications on the Apple Watch.

For those who don't know, complications are the sub-parts of the watchface, which are customizable. Apple Watch owners are currently able to switch out complications with the native Apple ones like; battery life, date, moon phase, etc.

Opening up complications to third-party developers will do wonders for our new favorite timepiece. Folks might be able to check the battery on their electric car, email notifications, the score of a sports game, and more, all with just a glance at the wrist.

Third-party complications will be available to all in the Fall. What kinds of complications are you excited for?