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Apple ios 4.01 update


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Jun 28, 2010
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Hey guys

I felt someone should right about their experience with the ios 4.01 update so here it is

Mine went quite smoothly if im honest - took about 20 mins all in all to download and complete.

My phone is actually stalling a lot less now. sometimes i found my apps werent loading properly or sometimes finding it hard to connect to the net but this update seems to have fixed that. Also my 3g is running a lot faster. Death grip still persists however !

How are the rest of you finding it
I noticed the smallest signal bar to be sized differently. Some say it is taller, i thought it looked fatter. Nevertheless, its different.

My upgrade went flawlessly as have all other updates on previous phones.

Perhaps there were more fixes behind the scenes than what we know of but in my opinion this update should have waited until something more significant was included in the update.
After the update, i'm getting 3 to 4 bars max at home. The shortest bar has grown a little taller. I've not had any reception problems anyway, so the changes seem only cosmetic so far.