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Apple Finally Takes Over from Nokia as Top Smartphone Vendor in the World


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Jun 18, 2010
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[FONT=&quot]MacRumors reports on a story in the Financial Times today that says that Apple has now officially overtaken Nokia as the world’s top smartphone vendor. The combination of Apple’s continued growth coupled with a steep decline in shipments for Nokia means that Apple was able to flip a 5.5 million unit deficit in the first quarter into a 3.6 million unit lead in the second quarter. The Financial Times said that Apple was already the biggest smartphone manufacturer in terms of revenue and profits, but it was not until the 2011 April-June period that it actually passed Nokia in terms of volume. As MacRumors notes, although Android as an OS has also seen a lot of growth and success over the past year, because so many different manufacturers make Android phones, no one company has been able to emerge as yet to challenge Apple in terms of shipment volumes. Samsung and HTC look like the two Android vendors most likely to eventually give Apple a run for its money, but currently each of their smartphone shipments are still approximately half of what Apple is shipping. [/FONT]

Source: Apple Tops Nokia to Become World's Top Smartphone Vendor - Mac Rumors

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