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    Apple Books In Depth Preview.jpeg

    Apple has today posted an in-depth preview of the all-new Apple Books app that was announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote event last Monday.

    The new app replaces iBooks and has been totally redesigned to make discovering and reading/listening to books/audiobooks even more effortless than previously on iOS.

    With the new Reading Now tab you’ll be able to see the books that you’re currently reading or listening to, as well as finding new books to read. Want to Read is your wishlist and Complete the Series or You Might Like will give you suggestions based on books that you’ve recently read.

    The rise in popularity of audiobooks is reflected in the introduction of a dedicated Audiobooks tab, where you’ll find recommendations as well as the audiobook that you’re currently listening to.

    The Book Store tab includes various sections to help you choose your next book, including Top Charts, Staff Picks, Editorial Collections, and Special Offers & Free. The more you read, the more accurate your personalised recommendations should be.

    The Library tab will feature your entire book collection, complete with cover art, and including a Finished section with books that you’ve read previously shown as a timeline, with the date that you finished them.

    The new Apple Books app will launch this fall. The Book Store will be available in 51 countries and free books will be available in 155 countries.

    Source: Apple Books, all new for iPhone and iPad, celebrates reading
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    It brings the Books app more into line with how the TV app was updated.
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    I have a few books in iBooks,
    I think I'll spend some Time with someone else's update before I do it myself. I am comfortable with iBooks the way it is.

    I have a lot of books in my Kindle app (as well as on my Kindle) and have been frustrated when updates affected syncing and layout. I don't want to go through the same type of issues with iBooks.

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