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App acting up or phone itself?


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Oct 20, 2010
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Ive had some of my apps freeze but not my phone. Sometimes they would unfreeze themselves within a few minutes and once I had to power off and on to get the app to work correctly. My question is- Do some apps freeze periodically or is it the phone itself? I ask because some people have told me to take the phone back.

I appreciate the help!
it shouldn't happen for more than 1 app, so try out a different one out, try to re-install and if it continues to act up like how you say, than its most likely the phone
Try RESETing your phone, Hold down the HOME, bottom button, and the SLEEP, top button, for about 10 seconds until the Apple icon appears. Allow it to reboot, it may take a few minutes, don't panic like I did, wait for it to reboot. This cures many weird problems with iDevices.