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Any recent fee changes?


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Jul 11, 2010
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I hear that if Verizon changes any fees during the course of your contract you can back out with no early termination fee :) So I was wondering as of December 2009, has there been any fee changes?
Not that i know of and even then Verizon usually grandfathers you in meaning you will still pay the same as you did, it will just be changed for new contracts sign ups.
I'm not really sure what you guys are looking for here... But changes made are for new customers. It's not like they sneak changes in during your contract and if you catch them you get out free.... A contract legally obligates you as well as the person providing that contract. So untill it's fulfilled.... ;) you just stay or pay......
Yea I really think this has happened in the past month or 2, search engadget & this is my next....it's on one of them I forget what one

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