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Angry Birds Halloween Special Edition Out Tomorrow!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Pocket Gamer reports the surprise news today that Angry Birds has received a Halloween makeover. Angry Birds Halloween has just arrived at the App Store in New Zealand, and will therefore be hitting the UK store at midnight tonight, and then presumably landing in the US store after that, as it has an official worldwide release date of October 21. The special Halloween edition is entirely separate from the regular version (so not an update), and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It boasts 45 Halloween-themed levels, and all the usual addictive pig-smashing gameplay, only with added pumpkins and scary things.

As you can see from the screenshot, it looks pretty awesome, with lots of jack o’ lanterns and eerie lighting, and even the pigs are joining in with the Halloween spirit and wearing pumpkins for hats! Raise your hand if you’re going to be sitting up at midnight to download this one, I know I am!

You can download Angry Birds Halloween for £0.59/$0.99/€0.79 from the App Store from October 21.

Source: Pocket Gamer
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an addictive game taken to even android devices, its a good game but i wont be buying the special edition.
It looks awesome ,but it is no where near the amount of levels of the original. Seems like it should be offered free. To those who have the original game . At the price of the full version it should have more. And a charge to those who don't