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Adobe is Allegedly Working on a new Photoshop-branded app for the iPhone and iPad


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Nov 27, 2012
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According to fresh information coming from CNET, it seems Adobe is working on a new Photoshop-branded app for iOS users. The free app is due for this October, with an Android version coming later.

The app is believed to include many powerful and commonly used features from desktop Photoshop, such as content-aware fill and spot healing. The initiative is referred to as Project Rigel for now. Here's what Manu Anand, Adobe's senior product manager for digital imaging, said:

"Project Rigel is designed and built in a way that serves the needs of professionals familiar with retouching tools on the desktop, but more so for people not familiar with Photoshop tools like content-aware fill or spot healing. It democratizes them and makes them easier to use."

The app will be rich in features and it will even get a face recognition tool, to allow users to quickly adjust different facial features. Furthermore, the app will save edits into separate layers that can be synced back to the desktop.

Source: Cnet