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A good calender app


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Sep 30, 2010
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Hi everybody, im quite new to iPhone and i need some help to find a good calender app... I dont mind paying for it, if it's good...

It needs the following features:
1. An alarm that can wake me in the morning, so it has to louder than the small beep from the native calender
2. It must be able to repeat a calender post every 3 weeks, or have easy shift-plotting
3. Also the alarm must work with the app closed

Does anybody know of such a calender app

Thanks... :)
Apple doesn't allow a closed app to sound alarms other than push notifications.... So more than likely your going to havetoo use the apple alarm app and then a calendar app. You might get closer to this by a multitasking app but not sure it would background that long...
I found a great solution with the app "Calendar Alarm". It set loud and long sounds alarm sounds, syncs automatically with the native Calendar, and even with Google Calendar! It even snoozes. All with local notifications, and no internet needed!
I'm using it as my standard calendar when I want to add event. I'm a fan because it's the only app around that actually do this. Unbelievable.

Very happy with it!
If it is day to day stuff that may change day to day I'm using bug me. It's free and you can set alarm by date and time or by timer and jot a quick "reminder" to pop up with the bug me reminder.