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Oct 29, 2015
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I own an iPhone 5 had lots of problems going from 8 to 9
My notes are now on 3 different addresses no doubt a lot of
This and other stuff were down to me.
I did do back ups before thank goodness.
Now l am being asked to go from 9 to 9.1 having read a bit here the goodies only work on the iPhone 6.
So why should l bother?
I also have an iPad not air the one before them.
That was out of action 3 days before l got it working again, however my notes simply vanished again my fault l suspect.
Thanks in advance

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As well as supporting features in the newer devices, iOS updates also contain security patches and other improvements that will benefit older devices on the latest iOS version.
To keep your notes straight, you may want to toggle Notes OFF for all email accounts such as Gmail. Toggle Notes On for iCloud only. If you do this you will not have issues with notes. Also, if you do this, some notes associated with the email accounts may only be seen in the Notes folder of the mail.
Can you please answer a simple question for me bitte. Well for you it's simple but not for me, what must l do to stop the system changing my notes and phone numbers anywhere?. Or is that not poss. Danke

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Being somewhat older than most of the people on here l needed help. Toggle notes on iCloud only toggle notes OFF for a other accounts eeeek
I want a phone, maybe somewhere l can keep some notes and read my messages.
I don't play games on it, last time the update cost me 3 days stress restoring etc.
All that help and information l received via Google on a windows desktop.
All l would ask is that as experts it would be great to give a few steps, has to how to toggle this, that and the other.

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Toggle off means: go to the Settings app, scroll to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap your accounts there. If "Notes" is enabled, disable it (toggle off).

However, this will delete the notes you saved to that account from your iPhone, so make sure you save them somewhere else before you do so.

Use one account for your notes, e.g. iCloud. If you use Gmail for your notes, it's also possible that they disappear from the Notes app. - You might find them in a Notes folder in your email account, though.

It's also possible not to use the Notes app. Evernote, e.g., syncs between operating systems, and there's a free app for iOS devices.

Hope that helps.
Thank you very much my kind of language. Now l understand. So if l use Evernote for example for my notes it will remain totally ok. Is that what you mean ?
Sorry to be a pain K

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Your notes should also remain untouched and okay when you use the Notes app. I'm wondering what happens every time you update your software. Do you backup your iPhone on a regular basis?

Evernote will show your notes in the app. Unless you delete them yourself, they'll stay there. As with every online storage, you'll need an email address and a password to use it.
Hi J.A
Nottingham amiss happened before the update from 8 to 9
Then it went crazy. Yes my phone is backed up do this on the desktop and cloud.
Bit the bullet this morning did a backup, then wrote down all
My notes the important ones anyway downloaded Evernote as you said. Turns out l had it before but the password was false.
Wrote a few simple notes there and changed to 9.1

That was l say after using your toggle instructions etc.

All worked perfectly. Thank you very much for being patient with me. Ps the iPhone is no different than beforehand still can't have everything can l. :)

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Hi again
Done the same things on the iPad and all went well.
I only hope Mr. Apple relaxes a little with these updates.
A moderator is someone who can read minds across oceans
I think.
Thanks for the kind help, till next time. :) next year l hope

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Using the stock Notes app is fine. But for best results, have iCloud toggled ON for notes in Settings.

Then toggle Notes OFF in Settings for mail accounts.
Like here:

If there are notes already attached to the mail account, they should then show in the email folder.
Like here:

If Notes are ON in Settings for a mail account, you will not see a Notes folder in Mail.