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4 spazzed, wont save photos


Mar 4, 2012
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For some reason lately my phone sometimes decides not to save pics I get from tumblr or twitter and have no idea why, sometimes it'll save and the pics will be in my photos section and othertimes it won't. There's more than ample room on the memory card as the phone has lots of spare gigs, I've done this while in my home (with strong wifi) and out side (at work, mall, etc) so it's not connection issue either.
I've tried turnin the phone off and on but it persisted from one day to the next.

The other day I plugged my iphone 4 into my hoodybuddy--a hoody with built-in headphones--while trying to play the mp3 player and it started skipping around like crazy. not just shuffling but jumping around as soon as one started to play it hopped to the other and another; this was while the lock screen was on.

Has anyone experienced problems like this? and is there a way to fix it without having to restore phone?


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Aug 15, 2012
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New York
If you're using the Tumblr app, try reinstalling. As for the hoodybuddy, I've had the same case with other headphones and earphones. It was just a hiccup that was solved by ending the music.app process. If that still persists, consider performing a restore since your cores might have a small problem

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