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4.2 Beta SHSH does not show?


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Dec 28, 2010
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I had the original 4.0.2 software on my iphone and had it jailbroke but never had Cydia save the SHSH file for the 4.0.2. I never saved any SHSH files until I upgraded to the 4.2.1 software and then verified my signature through Cydia and at the top of Cydia it displays SHSH 4.2.1 but shows no other SHSH files. I want to untether jailbreak my phone, it is currently tethered jailbroke using RedsnOw. I have the firmware downloaded for the 4.2 beta but I don't have verification that the SHSH file is saved on Cydia, not displayed. I have run a back up to verify and ran Tiny Umbrella and it does not show that I have the 4.2 beta SHSH file only the 4.2.1....

Am I unable to untether jailbreak my iphone? I'm confused and been researching and not sure what to do from this point. Thanks for any guidance.
Unfortunately you will not be able to downgrade the firmware to do an untethered jailbreak. It will only work if you had saved your SHSH's with Cydia when you were jailbroken on 4.0.2. For now, the only option is a the tethered JB with Redsn0w. Don't worry though, shouldn't be much longer until a new untethered JB for 4.2.1 comes out.

I'm jb with Redsn0w also and just waiting patiently for the new jb release.