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3GS accessories compatible with 4?

I have several car chargers, cases, and USB cables for my 3GS. Any idea if they will work with the 4?

Based on the technical data of the iPhone4, only home charger for 3GS will work car charger all actual model don’t have enough power for give juice … it’s same with the iPad … this is pretty sure … sorry for you of course case cannot too

The good news is all USB cable work

Hope that help
cases? i doubt it, the design is different? so the case doe snot fit the phone properly from the 3gs and 3g
Chargers work. Cases don't. Charge stand for the first gen iPhone actually works with iP4.
My Griffin Car FM Charger works but I get a warning sign when I plug it into my iphone 4. But once I hit the dismissal tab - No Problem
Charer works on all of the iPhone models. Earphones are the same, really a warning? What does it say?
Just that this charger is not certified for this model. Plus that it is not certified to work with the FM mode and that you may receive static. I just hit the ok tab below the warning and everything works okay including the FM and charging. I had this charger left over from when I was using it on my original iPhone.