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maH: 2.1, 3.7,4.2? lightning cables, port. battery rechargers? AGHHHH


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Aug 10, 2014
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I love this thing. I don't know why I waited so long.
I use this thing constantly through out the day. And the battery needs recharging through out the day.
Im planning on investing in multiple wall charger, car chargers, and an external portable battery recharger and lightning cables ( hyperjuice.. morphine.. )
1. The bigger the number in maH for your car cigerrette lighter the faster the charge?
For EX: a cigerrete USB charger with a 2.1 maH is going to charge faster then 1 with 1maH? And a 4.2 maH will charge faster then a 2.1maH?
2. If a cigerete USB charger has dual ports and is rated at 4.2maH. That's 2.1maH each USB port?
*Now is that 2.1maH when both ports are in use? What if you are only using 1 port? Is it still 2.1maH or is it 4.2maH? I ask because the guy @ B.B told me this?
3. What are some of the better quality lightning cables I want to buy? Will all lightning cables charge the device @ the same speed?
4. When using an external portable battery recharger such as hyperjuice or morhpie: This is just a charging device correct? You charge the charging device. And when needed you just connect your phone to the device and it will charge the device as if it were connected to the computer via USB or connected to the wall?
.......so confusing......
Thanks guys.
I've done multiple searches and got lots of conflicting info.

PS: I am using an Otterbox Armor case ( love it ). I am aware they make cases that have extra battery power. But Im not planning on ditching my Armor
I've resorted to buying those braided cables off ebay because they are reinforced around the connector. As for the mophie external battery been using both the mini powerstation and regular powerstation yes they are as you described usually carry one around because I use those reward apps like shopkick which quickly drains the battery

One other thing about car chargers I tried using a no name USB adapter in my 12v and it fried the chip in the lightning cable so this maybe a case where you buy it from the apple store and if it does not work you have somebody on the hook for it
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