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.01 cent case

I bought one, 99 cents and $3 shipping, clear plastic, very thin plastic it broke in less that a week, i did not abouse it it broke from sliding in and out of a pocket case
i ordered one. it went through paypal so you've got a little bit of protection if it is the Nigerian scammers is disguise. I took a screen shot of most of the screens along the way in the process in case i start losing $100 at a time out of my checking acct. I'll let you know in a week or two if they're legit lol.
I ordered a few of them... I've got a feeling they're not very high quality.
Meh, I wouldn't say that yet... I mean their marketing strategy here is pretty ingenious. I'd imagine that they really will save enough money on not marketing by going with FB for free to be able to easily afford this stunt. I am anxious to see how this turns out though lol.
The price is very good,but you pay for the case not for shipping.This trick is very popular these days,specially on ebay:)
it's still only $4. there's no trick to it, i don't think it's hurting anyone's feelings that they 'conned' us out of another $3.99.
I bought two of the ones from cases.com. They're nice for the price, and fit the iPhone 4 snugly. Nothing to write home about, but for a little less than $4, they're not bad at all.
any pics, dadditude?

got my confirmation of shipment email today from these guys after 2 weeks of waiting lol.
I've ordered maybe 8 in the past 2-3 months. They arent the best quality but they definetly look and feel goo. So maybe they are good quality! For the shipping and the penny, it's about $4. Compare that to the $20+ for cases, ya aint gonna get any better than this!
Looks just like an ebay case with good marketing. But for that price it doesn't matter.