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  1. F

    Iphone 3GS data erased after ios upgrade

    Hi, A friend of mine recently gave me her old iphone 3GS to help her backup her photos. Note that the phone no longer has a sim card inserted. I'm not familiar with iphones, always had android phones, so I charged the battery, plugged the iphone to my laptop. Couldn't access the files directly...
  2. Shiloh

    Avoiding issues when upgrading iOS

    I'm getting an iOS upgrade right now. If you upgrade your iPhone or iPad, do it using iTunes, not on the device. Doing it with iTunes replaces the entire O.S. whereas doing it on the device only patches it in some cases (like this one, going from iOS 11 to 11.0.1). I've found that patches don't...
  3. C

    iPhone 4s mod.

    Hello iPhone pros! As you can see in this previous forum post iPhone 4s battery I have an iPhone 4s in which the battery inflated. Got it diagnosed by apple, the phone internals are fine, the battery needs to be replaced. On a previous phone, I once did this Imgur: The most awesome images on the...
  4. Col.bris

    Upgrading to iOS 10 iPhones ... What you need to know

    Apple will release the latest operating system iOS 10 on Tuesday 13th September (USA time) To avoid issues I have put together some information that may make it easier for you to upgrade I understand many of you have done this before however even the most experience can learn by reading the...
  5. B

    iPhone 4s (iTunes Error 29 Problems)

    As it started off my brother came to me and said his phone would just turn off at random, I thought that there must be an issue with the software and tried to restore it. I got error 29 while restoring. I tried different restore methods none which have worked. i.e: DFU etc... Looking online and...
  6. E

    Considering giving up unlimited data plan.. advice requested!

    Hi everyone. I had a brilliant (or stupid) idea and I was really hoping to get some feedback on it from the geniuses from this site. Here's my situation: Right now I'm on an old family plan consisting of 2 iPhone 5s' and 2 basic phones. Only 1 iPhone 5s has unlimited data and we hardly use any...
  7. D


    Using old mac/ iPhone 4s Upgraded iphone to IOS9 Current version of itunes does not support IOS9; no longer even recognizes phone, so cannot perform system reset/ downgrade/ backup/ anything Cannot update my iTunes because later versions incompatible with OSX.10.6.8 (ver. 11.4) Because of...