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  1. I

    Refurbished Iphone 6s is it any good?

    I have seen a lot of good and bad stuff about the iphone 6s, but in the end i think I would like to buy one, however, budget constraints might direct me to buying refurbished iphone 6s. Would you recommend buying a refurbished iphone 6s? who has experienced it? is it any good?
  2. T

    6s Suddenly stopped working.. Help!

    My Iphone 6s is a couple years old but MINT condition (been in a lifeproof case since day 1) Battery was at 99% when the screen suddenly went dark. I can still receive notifications (sounds) it still rings and I have even answered it and talked. Now you would think screen, BUT; the lighting port...
  3. R

    Texts sent on their own

    I have a Verizon iPhone 6s (not jailbroken). At approximately 1:00 a.m. on September 21, 2018, several SMS text messages (green) were sent to many of my contacts. The messages were just a mess of different characters and emojis and also a link via Google and Yahoo to different sites (see...
  4. ITGeek

    Are We Going To Have To Go Back To Android?

    After waiting and waiting for Apple to Get It Right, I we finally upgraded our two iPads and iPhone 6S' to iOS 11.3. All was well. Since Apple screwed the pooch for every 11.x up until then, and finally got it right, I stupidly assumed they wouldn't screw it up again on 11.4. So when it...
  5. N

    Whatsapp group bug

    Hello I have problem with one of my groups, on my iphone is showing that are 756 people in it ( which is impossible ) when there are only 151 people, and I can’t add anyone because it’s telling me that is on the limit which is not! I’ve deleted the app, made an recovery and installed, but...
  6. T

    iphone freezing

    my iphone 6s has been freezing(?) a lot lately. it was perfectly fine until i got my screen replaced since it was cracked, i think thats what the issue is since it started freezing a few days afterwards. i cant use the phone, i can open it but after that i cant swipe or select any apps for long...
  7. N

    Problem with refurbished iPhone 6s

    I recently purchased a refurbished 6s, and for the first week it worked perfectly. However, just in the last day it has continued to switch itself off, to the point where no sign of life is seen! Not even the charger icon comes up when i hold down the on button. It has worsened rapidly, to the...
  8. oldcelt

    Wouldn't connect to previously OK wi-fi

    The phone has worked fine all day but when I went to my regular place for lunch, it claimed that no Internet Connection was available although other customers were connecting OK. I've used that connection almost daily for the last two years. I come home and it reconnects to my own router with...
  9. J

    some sound gone after little water on phone 6s

    hi guys please help :( my phone got caught in a little water in my handbag not like i dropped it fully in the sink. i didn't realise till 11 hours later that some sound had gone so my phone is currently sat in some rice to try and dry anything out. what works - get a ringtone sound upon people...
  10. I

    Untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.2 available?

    Hello, I know that yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.2 has been there for last few weeks. I searched in google for tutorials but have some confusion. Some says it is tethered jailbreak mean I will have to re-jailbreak after a week while other say it is untethered one. For example: EDITED EDITED...
  11. Maura

    Users Report AirPods are Dropping Phone Call Audio When Paired With iPhone 6s

    AppleInsider reports that some iPhone 6s owners have been reporting problems with their AirPods when they are paired with that particular phone. Many user complaints can be found in a thread on Apple’s Support Communities. Some of those posting about the issue said that their AirPods are...
  12. Maura

    Apple Adds Diagnostic Tool to Next iOS Update to Help Fix iPhone 6s Battery Problems

    MacRumors reports that Apple has added a second message to its Chinese website referring to the battery shutdown problem that has been affecting some iPhone 6s owners. In the new message, Apple mentioned more customers “outside of the affected range” who had also been plagued with their iPhone...
  13. M

    Watching .avi files on iPhone 6s

    Hi - I wonder if anyone can advise the best way to watch .avi files on the iPhone? These are movie files taken on a Nikon Coolpix camera. Do I need to convert the files into mp4 or something (would that be best) - if so any recommendations on software to do that or is there an app that can just...
  14. Maura

    Some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Units Reportedly Shutting Down in China

    AppleInsider reports that the China Consumers Association (CCA) has asked Apple to investigate complaints of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s units closing down suddenly and finally, even though they have approximately 50 to 60 percent left on the battery. When the user then plugs the phone in it doesn’t...
  15. B

    My Sleep Wake Button lost it's clicky feedback, will apple replace the handset ?

    Hey, over the past couple of weeks I realized that my phone's sleep wake was not preforming well in terms of the clicking and pressing of the button. Initially pointed out by a friend, I realized that everyone's iphone around me made a prominent click sound when the button itself was pressed in...
  16. Maura

    T-Mobile’s MetroPCS to Sell iPhone 6s and 6s Plus From Tomorrow

    T-Mobile’s MetroPCS stores will start selling the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus from tomorrow, Friday, July 1. Initially the phones will only be available in select MetroPCS stores in Florida, but MacRumors reports that the phones will be on sale soon in other MetroPCS stores nationwide...
  17. Maura

    OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Crystal Case for iPhone 6s Out Now

    OtterBox has today launched its new Symmetry Series Clear Crystal case, which is designed to protect your iPhone 6s without hiding its beautiful finish. The slim case is completely clear, with a scratch-resistant back so that the Apple logo is still visible even while your phone is protected...
  18. Maura

    Looks Like the iPhone 7 Will Have a Headphone Jack After All

    MacRumors reports on an image that was shared by Nowhereelse.fr today that is purported to be of a Lightning cable assembly intended for the iPhone 7, and which, if genuine, would appear to indicate that the iPhone 7 will indeed have a headphone jack after all. The image shows various parts of...
  19. Maura

    iPhone SE Beaten by iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in New Bend, Drop and Water Tests

    MacRumors reports that according to new tests carried out by SquareTrade, the iPhone SE does not perform as well as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the various tests of durability. SquareTrade posts a video showing it putting the three iPhone models through excessive bend, drop, tumble...
  20. P

    Black theme for iphone 6s

    I have just switched from Blackberry Z30 to iphone 6s. I enjoyed black theme on Blackberry and it was very convenient in readings. iPhone 6s screen is very bright. Is it black theme available?