galaxy note 7

  1. Maura

    Both Apple and Huawei Set to Profit From the Failure of the Note 7

    According to highly credible KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, via MacRumors, both Apple and Huawei are set to profit from Samsung’s withdrawal from sale of the Galaxy Note 7. Kuo says that both companies can expect to see their orders increased due to previous Note 7 customers wanting to...
  2. Maura

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Permanently Discontinued

    Disastrous news for Samsung today as AppleInsider reports that the company has finally taken the step of not just recalling the Galaxy Note 7, but permanently discontinuing it. “We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer...
  3. Maura

    Galaxy Note 7 Lags Behind iPhone 6s in Benchmarks

    Samsung is understandably proud of its new Galaxy Note 7, and the reviews have certainly been rapturous as always, but as BGR writes, despite Samsung's latest phablet's much-touted many bells and whistles, it still isn’t as fast as the year-old iPhone 6s. PhoneBuff performed a simple...