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    Apple's Optimized Battery Charging

    I am looking to upgrade my phone and I am planning on making the switch from Android to iPhone. I have been doing my research about the iPhone 13 and I came across the Optimized Battery Charging feature. My understanding of it is that the phone will learn your routine and regulate the charge...
  2. Z

    I phone 7 keeps turning on (showes apple logo) and of and repeats

    Hello everyone, my I phone 7 keeps turning on and just shows apple logo and turns off again and repeats this constantly. I tried restoring and conecting to I tunes thro the PC nothing worked, as if I didn't do anything. I am writing this thread hoping that someone might have an answer a...
  3. S

    Is it safe to charge my iPhone all-night through my MacBook (which is also charging)?

    I'm on a camping trip and tonight the power strip I brought with me broke, which means the switch won't stay on, only if you hold it down. Now I got the idea that I can charge both of my iDevices from one cable/outlet using my MacBook's USB ports for my iPhone. For clarification this is what my...
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    Charging station for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad

    Hello, I own iPad 3 and iPhone 6+ Now I'm planning to buy Apple Watch. Having 3 products I'd like to use some power station to charge all three together. Could you advice which one has reliable and good reputation. or you have personal experience .. ? Thanks P.S. I found this one on amazon...
  5. F

    Problem with charging iPhone 5s

    Hello, first of all I´d like to say sorry if I have any writing mistakes. English isn´t my first language. So, I have a problem with charging my iPhone 5s. While charging my iPhone just stays on the battery same level. The battery power isn´t getting less or more. I already replaced the...
  6. P

    iPhone 5 won't charge

    My iPhone 5 says charging when I plug it in, but the percentage goes down, if I reset the phone a few times and turn airplane mode on, it will start to charge, I'm running the latest software, I've bought a new charger cable and plug from Apple, any help? I'm worried that if the battery runs...