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I phone 7 keeps turning on (showes apple logo) and of and repeats


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Mar 1, 2021
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Hello everyone,

my I phone 7 keeps turning on and just shows apple logo and turns off again and repeats this constantly.

I tried restoring and conecting to I tunes thro the PC nothing worked, as if I didn't do anything.

I am writing this thread hoping that someone might have an answer a friend told me it might be the battrey but how can it be when it turning in and telling me to conect to charger when its off.

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to iPhone Forums!

Use DFU mode to get it out of the boot loop. Here are the instructions:
How To Put An iPhone In DFU Mode, The Apple Way

Hope that helps.

I‘ve removed the other, identical thread you‘ve started. Better keep the discussion about this problem to one thread only. It‘s more likely you get the help you need when suggestions are concentrated in one thread only.
First of all thanks for helping me with the threads I have no idea I just landed here because of the problem.
secondly as mentioned before I have tried DFU mode and rostoring and all this mor than 10 times. IT DOES NOT WORK after the prosecing bar it goes back to the loop. 100 percent of all Forums are sazing I have to do exact the same as you mentioned but it does not work this is why I wrote this article otherwise i could have solved the problem. But thanks anyway :)
If DFU mode doesn’t work your iPhone likely has a hardware problem. Can you get to an Apple Store for a full diagnostic?

No I once changed the screen by a normal phone shop so I dont think any apple store will agree to check my phone I geuss.

Thanks for replying :)