1. I

    iPhone 8, CarPlay & Bluetooth

    I’ve noticed that every time I plug my phone into my car’s USB socket to use CarPlay with the car’s built-in entertainment system, the Bluetooth switches itself on even though I don’t want to use it. This means that I either need to remember to switch it back off again, or accept that my phone’s...
  2. Col.bris

    iPhone Pro Max and CarPlay issues

    I am in Australia and have a Subaru 2017 Impreza. I just upgraded from a iPhone X to IPhone Pro Max. Prior the iPhone X connected fine with carplay however the new Iphone pro Max would not connect nor charge. I also found third party cable on normal charging also did not work. After reading...
  3. Maura

    Mazda Announces CarPlay Support at the New York International Auto Show

    MacRumors reports that Mazda has announced at the New York International Auto Show that it is finally bringing Apple CarPlay to one of its vehicles. The first Mazda vehicle to have CarPlay support is the new 2018 Mazda6, and it is set to get the feature this summer. All 2018 Mazda6 models with...
  4. Maura

    SiriusXM Radio Adds CarPlay Support

    Great news for CarPlay users as 9to5 Mac reports that SiriusXM Radio has today added CarPlay support in its latest update. As well as now enabling users who already have CarPlay in their vehicle to enjoy SiriusXM Radio, you can also enjoy the commercial-free-broadcasts even if you don’t already...
  5. Maura

    Expect Lots of Apple CarPlay-Enabled Vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show

    According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple’s CarPlay system is set to feature in many of the new vehicles that will be showcased at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. CarPlay enables hands-free access to various essential iOS apps, including Maps, Messages, Phone, Music, and other...
  6. Maura

    Nissan Launches New Leaf With Apple CarPlay and Free Apple Watch Offer

    AppleInsider reports that Nissan has today launched its new Leaf all-electric vehicle, complete with a couple of extras that will be of interest to Apple device owners. Among the innovations introduced in the new model, including the Nissan e-Pedal, which enables the driver to accelerate...