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    Is it the motherboard or the battery that is dead?

    I have an iPhone XR that I bought when they came out. Yesterday I noticed that my plugged-in phone hadn´t been charging and that it was on 1%. So I plugged it in using a different cable and adapter, but it still didn't charge. I tried restarting the phone, but the battery was too low so when I...
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    I phone 7 keeps turning on (showes apple logo) and of and repeats

    Hello everyone, my I phone 7 keeps turning on and just shows apple logo and turns off again and repeats this constantly. I tried restoring and conecting to I tunes thro the PC nothing worked, as if I didn't do anything. I am writing this thread hoping that someone might have an answer a...
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    iphone freezing

    my iphone 6s has been freezing(?) a lot lately. it was perfectly fine until i got my screen replaced since it was cracked, i think thats what the issue is since it started freezing a few days afterwards. i cant use the phone, i can open it but after that i cant swipe or select any apps for long...
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    Iphone Se Broken or Virus? HELP!

    Okay, so my phone randomly turns itself off, and a white screen with a black apple logo comes up and it goes all pixelated and sometimes it will go incredibly pixelated as if the screen was broken before going off, and other times it goes less pixelated and is stuck on that screen. When I hard...
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    some sound gone after little water on phone 6s

    hi guys please help :( my phone got caught in a little water in my handbag not like i dropped it fully in the sink. i didn't realise till 11 hours later that some sound had gone so my phone is currently sat in some rice to try and dry anything out. what works - get a ringtone sound upon people...
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    Can't press home button to upgrade to iOS 10

    I recently managed to break my home button of my iPhone 6 - and didn't realise that iOS 10 requires the home button to upgrade and unlock the phone. I understand I can downgrade to iOS 9.3.5 which would solve my problem until I have a replacement button, however I cannot unlock my phone so that...
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    iphone 5s all buttons not working

    I recently bought this iphone 5s and normally I would not bought it but when I met with the guy to buy it my dog got off the leash and i gave him the money not bothering to check the buttons. The iphone seems to not have any damage what so ever but for some reason none of the buttons work. any...
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    Need photos off broken iphone!!! Help????

    Long story story short my ex smashed up my iphone with all the photos of my daughter on. The phone is in 2 pieces. My photos are backed up on icloud (i think) but dont have access to a computer yet. Also my iphone had a password on, will this stop me from accessing the photos as i cant type it...
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    Somebody please help

    im sorry if this is in the wrong place but i have an iphone 6 never been jailbroken or anything and i went to install ios 9 on the phone and it would download just not install so i tried this morning on itunes and it got half way done and said it could not be completed and now my phone can only...